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Komui - No words needed

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Movie: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Sorry we've been a little slow lately! We lost two writers right around the same time and we're in the process of recruiting more!

My Bloody Valentine is a tight little 1981 Canadian slasher flick that perfectly represents the best of what 80's slashers had to offer. You have a masked killer who is effectively creepy, a fantastic setting perfect for the various stalking/chase scenes (a coal mine), and three leads that are fairly well developed considering the kind of movie this is. You also get some gloriously imaginative and gruesome kills (including a scene involving an old lady and a dryer at a laundromat that you won't soon forget) and the traditional convoluted backstory for the killer that actually works here.

The biggest highlight has to be the real life coal mine that a large portion of the movie was filmed in. It provided a certain sense of dark claustrophobia, of being trapped in a maze. It can be quite pretty in certain scenes, as the characters look around in wonder, before they realize there is a killer in their midst. Another plus point is the fact that the characters are all 20-somethings, rather than wild teenagers. As such, the relationships between them seem a little more meaningful, their problems a little more real. The ending is pretty great too, the final shot being nicely creepy and satisfying while (of course) leaving things open for a sequel.

There was a remake made recently. I haven't seen it but the reaction to it has been very mixed. On one hand, the changes I've heard they made to the central characters are a little disappointing, but on the other, I uderstand the need to switch things up to prevent viewers of the original from being sure of who the killer is. Also, the 3D effects were supposedly very nicely done. A sequel was planned by the makers of the original film, but it never panned out and chances of it being made are slim. If a sequel appeared, it would mostly likely be to the remake.

My Bloody Valentine is available on DVD.