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dailyhorrordose's Journal

Your Daily Dose of Horror!
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Daily horror reviews of movies, books, games, anime, comics, and more!
Welcome to Daily Horror Dose, where you'll be introduced to something horrifyingly awesome every single day! Daily Horror Dose covers all forms of media, including movies, books, games, comics, anime, manga, tv shows, soundtracks, folklore, history, and anything else that qualifies as horror. The daily dose may feature a recently released movie, a comic book from the 50's, or a folklore story from the 1800's. Everything gets equal attention, regardless of date or era. There's also no limit on the countries of origin. Japanese anime, Spanish films, Australian books, they're all welcome!

Everyone is welcome to join the community to keep up with the blog. However, only contributors will be able to post journal entries here. If you would like to be a contributor, please visit the Contributor Sign-Up Post to apply!

Now that the blog has grown somewhat and we have more readers, I guess it's time to introduce a few rules for commenting on the entries here.

1.) If your comment is going to contain spoilers, please mark them in some way. Some readers might check the comments just to see what other opinions are before deciding to try the subject of the dose. I'd hate to think someone spoiled the plot for them. Something as simple as *SPOILERS* and then *END SPOILERS* before and after the spoilers would be fine.

2.) Please refrain from being a jerk. If you don't like something someone posted about, you're more than welcome to tell us you don't like it and even explain why. But let's keep all the discussion friendly, okay? And yes, there is a big difference between explaining why you don't like something and outright bashing it in a rude or mocking way. Everyone has different tastes, and all those tastes are welcome here!

3.) If for some reason you have the desire to post pictures in your comments (maybe showing off a screencap or some cover art you found), feel free! Just please do not post pictures that contain graphic nudity. You are, however, free to post links to them if you provide warnings of what they contain.

And that's it! The rules may change or be added to, depending on whatever issues arise in the future.

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