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Movie: Night of the Demons (1988)

Night of the Demons, a crazy little 1988 horror gem, is not for everyone. If you don't like cheesy, cheap, gory horror movies full of nudity and gross humor, skip this. It's very much an acquired taste. But what this movie lacks in class and depth, it more than makes up for in pure, brainless fun. It centers on a group of wild teenagers having a party at a closed mortuary, who unwittingly awaken a slumbering demon that possesses them one by one.

The real charm of this movie comes from Amelia Kinkade, who plays Angela. The unique thing about Angela (besides being a female horror villain who lasted more than one movie) is that she really does just want to have fun. Of course, her idea of fun is slaughtering teenagers, but the fact remains that she's a party girl. Her motives are not rooted in revenge, world domination, or anything crazy like that. She's just looking for a good time, and usually finds it. Oh, there's also Linnea Quigley being her bad self again.

There are two sequels, both of which are worth checking out if you enjoyed the first. Amelia Kinkade reprises her role in both, but the stories could both stand on their own (so watching them out of order is okay). They're very similar in style to the original movie, so you're really just getting more of the same. But if that "same" is Angela running around in a black gothic wedding dress stirring up trouble, there's nothing to complain about. There's also a remake, which I have but haven't gotten around to watching yet. Responses to it have been mixed.

Night of the Demons, as well as its sequels, are available on DVD.


Gotta love anything with Linnea Quigley in it....

And I just realized I have no icons featuring her. Have to fix that!
i'd like to see this some dya. i've only seen the remake.