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Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented (Video Game PS2) (Tecmo 2005)

Fatal Frame III, known in Japan as Zero: Shisei no Koe and in Europe as Project Zero III: The Tormented, is the third installment in the Fatal Frame video game series.

This is by far my most favorite game out of all the ones I've played. It comes in second only to Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood. The storyline is amazing! The graphics are great as well as the music. The backgrounds are really pretty and creepy. The characters are so well thought out and you can't help but be sucked in by them. I was hooked after just like 20 minutes in. The ghosts that you have to fight are scary. I jumped and literally cried out many times during the course of this game. Just for kicks, play it at night with the lights turned off. ;) See if you can make it through part of the game without looking over your shoulder.

I recently just beat this game for the first time and it's pretty much all I can think about for the past week. The storyline was THAT GOOD. And the ending will break you. I won't spoil it, but pretty much everyone that has played it (that I can find online) can't stop talking about the ending. Rei is a very easy character to like. Heck, even the GHOSTS have stories.

You can find Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented for PS2 on Ebay, Amazon.com and possibly local video game stores. Pick it up! You won't regret it!!


Hey there! I noticed you guys rec'd Fatal Frame and now Fatal Frame 3 but not Fatal Frame 2? Just wondering if this is because you haven't played it yet or because you didn't care for it?

I have to admit that Fatal Frame 2 has to be one of my all time favorite horror video games so I'm curious to see what you guys thought of it. :)

Anyway keep up the great work!
Hello and thanks for reading! I was going to post about Fatal Frame 2, but one of the other writers has it on her list of things she wants to write about. :) If she backs out or something, I'll definitely try to get it posted. ^_^

I think I am in the minority though, because I didn't like 2 as well as 1 or 3. I've beaten it twice, but it just didn't get to me like the other 2 have. I don't really know why. Everyone else seems to like it the best. haha But I still enjoyed the game.

I'm glad to see another Fatal Frame fan!
Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'm glad to hear Fatal Frame 2 hasn't been forgotten and you've sold me on picking up a copy of 3.

Thanks again for the rec- I love this com.

Edited at 2011-05-18 03:14 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome! Please let me know if/when you get FF3! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. :D

And thanks for the encouragement!! I'm glad you like the comm! ^_^
I have to borrow these and play them sometime. I'm just soooooo behind on games. I've been working on Tales of Phantasia for like three months. XDDD I just started 999 (that sunsetsred wrote about here) but from what I can tell it's a short game so after I knock it off, I'll finish ToP and HOPEFULLY get into some of the horror games I have piling up. *so slow*
I really think you'd like Fatal Frame. It's creepy, with awesome characters and story lines. It might even be better than Silent Hill, and you know what a SH fan I am. :)

You HAVE to have a guide, though. Thankfully, I've got one printed out for each game. :) And you have to use your map or you will never figure out where you're going. That took some getting used to for me. The first run through of each game took me around: 9 hours for the first one, 10 hours or so for the 2nd one (mostly cause I didn't use the map enough and got lost all the time) and 12 hours for the 3rd one. Well worth it though!
I have Fatal Frame 2 and the other day I played through about an hour or more of it while Savannah was here. She wanted to see a scary game but she wouldn't play it herself. XD I wasn't using a guide or a map so I mostly just wandered around lost.